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torsdag 19 maj 2011

Without you, i'm nothing

Kollar lite av mina privata och blogg "vänninors bloggar! ^^
Här är några bloggar ni verkligen måste kolla in!

Without you, i'm nothing.

Missing him, as always. I haven't met him in more then a week now and i'm dying of missing him so much! The wierd thing is that i'm talking to him everyday, but still i miss him, i miss hearing his voice, i miss him hugging me and kissing me goodbye. Last night i called him at 22.44 just because i wanted to hear his voice before i went to bed. And we were texting each other and he said he was tired and almost fell asleep, and i didn't want to stop texting him, and i didn't want him to fall asleep. So i called him and i could hear that he was really tired. But i just wanted to hear his voice a last time before i went to bed, and right after that we said goodnight and i fell asleep.

My blog, my life XOXO

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